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Motivated And Healthy Habits

Motivated And Healthy Habits

If you stock your grocery cart wisely, with old favorites and new ingredients you’re curious to try, then you’ll indulge in delicious, healthy foods that you’re excited to eat. This may give you momentum, encouraging you tocontinue on a healthy-eating journey.

“Food is designed to be pleasurable, so once we begin to notice how enjoyable healthy food choices are, we can substitute them in for more and more unhealthy food choices,creating new positive habits that don’t leave harmful effects on our bodies, like junk food does,” says Bracha Goetz, author of “Searching for God in the Garbage.” Over time, this “reinforces neural pathways in the brain that make the delightful habit of eating ahandful of nuts instead of a bag of chips more deeply satisfying, especially since the pleasure is not accompanied by any negative repercussions.”

Self-caresleep recovery were major buzzwords this year, and our list of most popular wellness stories backs up this trend. In light of our subject matter, let’s pause, take a nice deep breath and quietly read (or re-read) about how to treat ourselves right. when it comes to weight loss and healthy living. So if it helps us maintain perspective about working out, too, then bring it on.

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